carpet cleaning 


Pre Inspection:

Upon arriving to your home or office, Harry will go through your place with you, giving you ALL of your options and what to expect from the cleaning. This way there are " NO SURPRISES". Once he evaluates all your needs, the cost of the job will be set. No cleaning will take place until the job being done and the price is agreed upon. The only way that price can ever change is if you add a room or furniture  to your cleaning or if Scotchguarding is  applied after the cleaning. It is unethical for any carpet cleaner to change the price given after they have already started the job. In fact, Harry will know prior to cleaning if the job requires more chemicals to treat stains and will either quote you on removal or advise that the stain cannot be removed. 

Fibre Tech Carpet Care Ltd. uses environmentaly safe cleaning solutions to treat stains, spills, and spots on the carpet. Some stains or regular stain removal products (such as Oxi-clean or Resolve) may cause permanent changes to the carpet colour and fibre. Harry will know the best chemical to use to remove stains and spots. Spots are generally on the outside of the fibre and can be removed in the cleaning. ALWAYS point out the stains and spots to  Harry, in order to ensure that the right products are utilized.

A pre-spray is applied to your surfaces according to the fabrics being cleaned. Different carpets require different cleaning solutions. These solutions will loosen the soil from the fibre.

Hot Water Extraction:
Harry knows the value of hot-water extraction.This method is the most important step as it removes the pre-conditioning spray, spots and stains. The pre-conditioning needs to be rinsed out COMPLETELY. This step is crucial in maintaining the beauty of your carpets and keeps the carpet from premature resoiling.

Application of Fabric Protection:
After the carpet has been rinsed and extracted, a reapplication of 3m Scotchguard protector should be applied to the carpet fibers. Dupont Teflon is an oil-based repellant, which attracts dirt and 3m Scotchguard is a water-based repellant, which repells dirt. Here at Fibre Tech Carpet Care Ltd. we use  3m Scotchguard for maximum length of your Carpet and or Furniture life. This invisible energy field of protection will assist in the future removal of spots and spills and will aid in dry soil removal during your regular vacuuming. This will prolong the life of the carpets, which means less cleanings in the longterm care of your carpets.

Blocks, Tabs and Sliders
Styrofoam blocks and plastic furniture tabs are placed under wood or metal furniture to prevent wood and rust from dying the floor or furniture legs from touching the carpet. We place plastic furniture tabs under all the furniture. We ALWAYS have clean footwear for inside your home. Towels and blankets are placed over hardwood floors and tiles to prevent scratching or water damage. We are completely professional.